The work in progress (WIP) tour.

Sincere thanks to Christoph Fischer for inviting me to join the Work in Progress (WIP) Blog Tour. I first met Christoph via ASMSG. He bought and reviewed my novel; The Tale of the Ancient Marina, completely out of the blue. Obviously I thanked him and we have been friends since. He is a supremely gifted, award-winning author and a prolific reviewer. He also happens to be a man of immense integrity and a bloody nice bloke. His blog can be found here.

Fulfilling my blog obligation (blogligation? Nah, that doesn’t work) I’m nominating Ian Hutson and Sandra Robinson (Scarlett Flame). Ian is my favourite author, Facebook sparring partner & a very good friend, Sandra is a very successful author; “I am passionate about writing, and write about passion”. She is also a potential local councillor and UK national under-water bungee jumping champion but she doesn’t like to boast.
Ian can be found on Facebook, Twitter and on his own website.

Sandra can be found on Facebook, Twitter and on her own website

Well, work in progress. Real life has prevented me from doing much writing recently, a shame because I have tons to write about. The next novel is a permanent WIP but I haven’t touched it since before Christmas. I have ideas to fill two new short story collections; a story called “A Reptile Dysfunction” which I wrote for a competition. I’ll need to check the rules but I hope I can publish it. Two political short stories and an embryo of a story called “Comedy Heaven?”. I have ideas for four shorts exploring different versions of the same idea. Can’t say much in case someone nicks the ideas.

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