Rik Mayall

I’m not normally bothered when celebs die; I didn’t know them, they didn’t know me. If I admire them or their work I may be upset; Gary Moore and Joe Strummer were the last ones who affected me. Rik Mayall has died much too young and I am deeply saddened. The Young Ones and Not the Nine O’Clock News “belonged” to my generation, they were our Goons, our Monty Python. The punk generation embraced the word “anarchy”; the attitude was anarchic, the music was anarchic and the humour was anarchic. For Kevin Turvey, Rik the people’s poet, Richard Richard, Lord Flashheart, The Comic Strip, those bloody awful Bombardier adverts and the spotty little oik in An “American Werewolf in London”, thank you for the laughter, on behalf of my generation and each one since. RIP Rik Mayall 1958 – 2014. “Why are all the children crying? Because Rik is dead. Rik the people’s poet is dead”

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