OK. Let’s imagine for a moment the Chinese buy up all of the bricks (like they did with copper a couple of years ago). There’s a worldwide shortage of bricks and they increase exponentially in price; people start nicking derelict walls, ancient outside lavvies, garden walls, ornamental walls, barbecues etc. Some people come up with the idea of digging out the foundations of their houses, no-one’s going to notice them missing down there. When the houses fall down they try to convince their insurers it was natural subsidence. Isn’t fracking essentially the same? These tiny islands sit on a fairly solid bed of rock. If we start smashing it to bits couldn’t that be a little dangerous? Before you know it Britain will float off away from Europe towards America. Eventually it comes to rest near Hawaii. Within a generation the UK is in a richer, happier place with a fantastic climate… hang on… FRACK AWAY!!! Get fracking you fracking frackers!
Seriously though I think it’s probably something we’re going to regret

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