OK. My first blog; I’ve resisted for a long time because I like to keep my private life private. A little about me; I’m 47, married 28 years, 3 teenage kids, dunno who’s they are but they’re fun to have around so we let them stay.:-D I’m a tradesman and I run a 24 hour call-out service. I live in Bolton in the the north of England.
I started writing my first novel; The Tale of the Ancient Marina in 1997, finished it in 2007, launched aarondavid.co.uk in 2009, put the book on Amazon in 2010. I didn’t attempt to market it assuming a book so wonderful would automatically be successful. I was wrong. A handful of sales from my site and literally no interest on Amazon. Now I’m trying to find my readers.
My comments will mainly concern issues which affect me or people I know. I have opinions on international matters but will keep those to myself. If you cut me in half the word “Tory” is written all the way through but that doesn’t mean I think the Tories are always correct or the other parties are always wrong. They all have their faults but we’re stuck with the system.
BTW I also write the odd short story & poem, see my website.

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