My beloved Mother tongue; where do I begin? The reasons to love it are very often the reasons to hate it. As old as it is it constantly evolves, changes and accommodates. It imports words from other languages, it gradually accepts slang words. Full of contradictions, rules become obsolete from one generation to the next. “I before E except after C” no longer applies since words like “reintegrate” became unhyphenated.
Wind… wound. Find… found. Blind… blinded.
Gun… gunned. Pun… punned. Run… ran.
Ring… rang… rung. Sing… sang…sung. Ping… pinged. Ding… dinged.
Why is “upholstery” not pronounced “uffolstery”?
“Ough” has eight pronunciations… EIGHT! Bough, though, through, rough, cough, hiccough, thorough and bought
Pet peeves; Incorrect use of “whilst”; “amongst” and “among” mean the same, “amidst” and “amid” mean the same, “while” and “whilst” don’t mean the same. “While” refers specifically to time whilst “whilst” means “whereas” (see what I did there?). “I waited at the garage while my car was being repaired”. “My wife’s car was running well whilst my car was knackered”.
Unnecessary use of “that”; “I thought that you were at work.” The “that” is completely superfluous. “I thought you were at work”.
There seems to be some confusion regarding “I” and “me”; “Michael and I went to the park” or “Michael and me went to the park”. It’s easy to work out; just remove the other person. “I went to the park” makes sense, “me went to the park” doesn’t therefore “Michael and I went to the park”. “There was a message for Michael and me” or “there was a message for Michael and I”, again “There was a message for me” makes sense.

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  1. Su Williams Says:

    Hi Aaron! I popped by to say ‘hi’ after seeing your blog link on Tony Gilbert’s blog. I was the one who coaxed him into participating in the blog tour. Anyway, I like that you give grammar lessons. Too many folks don’t know how to use I/me, witch/which, or their/there/they’re. I also notice you’re ‘perilously close to fifty.’ Me too. 14 days perilously close.

    Just wanted to stop and say hi…so HI! I hope you have fun with the blog tour.
    Dare to Dream!

  2. aaron Says:

    Thanks for dropping in. It’s my first blog tour so be gentle with me 🙂

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