Climate Change.

Is climate change happening? YES! Look out of the window. Is it our fault? I’m not so sure, don’t get me wrong, I know we’re a filthy species; we leave death, destruction and dirt wherever we go. Any excuse or reason to get humans to clean up their act has to be good but I think it’s typical human arrogance to assume we’re responsible. We seem to assume we have ‘inherited’ the Earth; it’s finished, it’s done, it’s a completed project… It isn’t. Climate change has always happened and always will. The Earth is constantly evolving and changing; the beautiful landscapes of Scotland were formed when Scotland was a volcano field. Immensely violent forces produced those stunning views. The breathtaking valleys of Wales weren’t all formed by erosion; most were formed when landmasses collided and the land literally corrugated. In 2011 a massive earthquake moved Japan by eight feet. Eventually Australia will collide with Asia. This stuff is happening and will continue long after our grubby species has gone. By all means recycle your rubbish and drive electric cars but don’t kid yourself that we run the world.

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  1. Bill Pimlett Says:

    Good stuff Aaron. I am really getting fed up with these Climate Change loonies and their BBC promoted band-waggon. They look at a very short timescale and freak out but when viewed in the long term it’s all happened before and will continue to happen as long as this planet is floating in space. Climate Change has become a get rich quick industry.

  2. aaron Says:

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