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My first blog tour

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

I am grateful and honoured to have been invited to this blog tour by Tony Gilbert, see his blog here;
Known as “the writing process tour”, it’s aim is to give an insight into how (or why) we do what we do.
1) What am I working on?
I write when inspiration strikes; I’m kicking three short story ideas around at the moment; one horror (my first!), a skiffy about a time-travelling sat-nav and a skiffy about an EPROM chip with a personality disorder. The next novel, “All the Loft Insulation You Can Eat”; the sequel to “The Tale of the Ancient Marina”, is an ongoing thing. “Marina took ten years to write so don’t hold your breath. If you don’t know what a “skiffy” is please visit my Amazon author page.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Comedy-thriller is a pretty limited genre. The truth is; I never intended to write a thriller, I just wanted to write a funny book. Only when people started reading it was I told it was a thriller. It’s set in Bolton (pretty unique!) and the humour is very British… Very English… Very northern English. My short stories conform to genre rules except I can’t help throwing in a bit of humour. It’s just the way my mind works (if it ever does).

3) Why do I write what I do?
Why not? I write what I enjoy reading. I’m one of my own favourite authors. That might sound arrogant but if you aren’t a fan of your own work how do you expect anyone else to be?

4) How does my writing process work?
Idea, write, dislike, rewrite, delete, rewrite, rewrite again, publish, accept due adulation and riches.

I am proud and dare I say chuffed?… I think I dare… chuffed to pass on the blog baton to Jake Drake, Perry Gamsby and genuinely my favourite author; Ian Hutson.
Jake Drake
Jacob Drake is the author of various Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction books. His only problem in writing is not having enough time to write to completion all the stories he gets in his head. “If I wrote constantly until the day I died I still would never be able to exhaust the imagination that is the source of these stories.
Once his first book ‘Parallels’ was published online he was like a little kid on Christmas morning with a tree filled with presents underneath.
Now he works on getting his latest novels written so they can join the rest of his ‘family’ of eBooks that are now available on all the eBook retailers’ sites.
If you enjoy any of the genres Jacob writes – and who doesn’t these days – take a look at what he’s written. You’re sure to find something that catches your imagination.
You can purchase Jake’s eBooks on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.

Perry Gamsby

Perry Gamsby, D.Lit., MA(Writing), Dip. Business is an eWriter who is passionate about eWriting. Why? Because that is how he makes his living. Online writing, web content, web publishing, eBooks, ad copy and any other form of electronic writing are where he makes some of his income. Perry also lectures on eWriting, business and personal safety so he not only diversifies his income streams, he gets out from behind his iMac and talks to other humans face to face.

A former Military Policeman, private investigator, security consultant and self defence instructor, Perry has also enjoyed time in sales and marketing before deciding to dedicate his life to his family and his own enjoyment of the finite time we all have in this life. In 2009 while undergoing experimental robotic surgery to repair a prolapsed mitral valve, Perry died and was brought back to life, spending the next 8 days in a coma. This truly was a life changing event and one that made him take a long, hard look at what is truly important to an individual. It certainly isn’t swapping chunks of his life for dollars and then not having enough chunks left for family to do things with those dollars.

Ian Hutson.

Born during tiffin at half-past nineteen-sixty. Grew up initially in Hong Kong speaking only Cantonese, then bounced around living some really boring places and some brilliant places, such as the Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. Lived in seventeen different homes as a child, attending twelve different schools and missing one complete year at age nine years, while living in Banham Zoo in Norfolk. Home there was between the monkeys and the bears, looking out over the penguins and the wolves (these latter two were in separate habitats of course).

During the eighties was recruited into the British Civil Service, studied for a B.A. in Operational Research Systems Analysis, then an M.A. in Industrial Relations. Thrown out of the Civil Service, worked for a few multi-nationals such as ITSA, EDS, AVIVA. Thrown out of the multi-nationals, started own businesses. Went splendidly bankrupt, ended up in County Court in front of a seriously lovely Judge and lost house, car and valuables but not liberty, to the banks and to Her Majesty’s Official Receivers. The name Hutson was rather deliciously struck off the register at Companies House and black-balled at the Club (although was allowed to keep buttons and sword not snapped).

Now lives in uber-serious penury in a corner of a field in Lincolnshire, England, as a peacenik, vegan, non-theist hippie and when not writing spends his time wandering the lanes ranting at sparrows and the occasional passing tractor. Is a very lucky, and a very happy chappy indeed.

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company –

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014


Thursday, May 1st, 2014

My beloved Mother tongue; where do I begin? The reasons to love it are very often the reasons to hate it. As old as it is it constantly evolves, changes and accommodates. It imports words from other languages, it gradually accepts slang words. Full of contradictions, rules become obsolete from one generation to the next. “I before E except after C” no longer applies since words like “reintegrate” became unhyphenated.
Wind… wound. Find… found. Blind… blinded.
Gun… gunned. Pun… punned. Run… ran.
Ring… rang… rung. Sing… sang…sung. Ping… pinged. Ding… dinged.
Why is “upholstery” not pronounced “uffolstery”?
“Ough” has eight pronunciations… EIGHT! Bough, though, through, rough, cough, hiccough, thorough and bought
Pet peeves; Incorrect use of “whilst”; “amongst” and “among” mean the same, “amidst” and “amid” mean the same, “while” and “whilst” don’t mean the same. “While” refers specifically to time whilst “whilst” means “whereas” (see what I did there?). “I waited at the garage while my car was being repaired”. “My wife’s car was running well whilst my car was knackered”.
Unnecessary use of “that”; “I thought that you were at work.” The “that” is completely superfluous. “I thought you were at work”.
There seems to be some confusion regarding “I” and “me”; “Michael and I went to the park” or “Michael and me went to the park”. It’s easy to work out; just remove the other person. “I went to the park” makes sense, “me went to the park” doesn’t therefore “Michael and I went to the park”. “There was a message for Michael and me” or “there was a message for Michael and I”, again “There was a message for me” makes sense.