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New Year’s Resolution

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

I’ve lived on this planet long enough to know new year’s resolutions rarely last beyond January, if they make it into January in the first place. Sooooo, I resolve not to make any more. This is not a resolution, it’s a life-altering decision which coincidentally occurred very close to new year;
I will write more.
For most of the last year I’ve been marketing and learning about marketing. Want to know what I’ve learned?
1. I’m bloody useless at it.
2. it can increase your Twitter followers and Facebook friends.
3. It’s very unlikely to do much for sales.
4. #3 is probably due to #1.

While I was ‘marketing’ I hardly even opened the file for my next novel, I just couldn’t find the time. I did manage to squeeze out a collection of short stories which I’m very chuffed with. As of now I will write and hope people find my stuff and like it. I intend to blog much more regularly so watch this space.
It occurred to me that regularly blogging is a lot like a vicar or a priest coming up with a sermon every week; taking something that happens in life and talking/writing about it.
“I went to the newsagent’s shop today and I was reminded of the time Jesus went to the newsagent’s shop; he bought a copy of the Sun, some smokey bacon crisps and a scratchcard. You know, we’re all Jesus’ scratchcards in a way…..”
You probably gathered I’m areligious. 🙂
Anywho, expect more from me here and hopefully, with practice I’ll get better.